If a Lawsuit Is Filed

Mistakes that will reduce your case’s value

Investigation and discovery

How to obtain proper medical expense documentation
Timetable of the typical personal injury case
Common abbreviations and symbols in medical records
Checklist of activities affected by your injury

Your deposition

How to make a good impression in your deposition
15 mistakes plaintiffs make in their depositions
Checklist of your deposition testimony
Five abusive deposition tactics used by defense lawyers
How lawyers conduct and use depositions
Do’s and don’ts for deponents
How lawyers handle forgetful witnesses
How lawyers get you to say more than you should
How lawyers obtain the information they want
What defense counsel will ask you
Deposition instructions
Pointers for your video deposition
Testimony of plaintiff’s spouse
Testimony of parent in child’s wrongful death


Calculating damages in your case
Damages chart
Understanding what does and does not motivate jurors to award damages
Presenting a persuasive and engaging damages story

The trial

The 4 case factors that most influence juries
Jury questionnaire
Themes for opening
Tips for testifying
Your testimony. What your lawyer will ask you during trial.
How to handle difficult cross-examination questions
14 effective trial tactics used by defense lawyers
Plaintiff’s direct examination of treating doctor
Defendant’s cross-examination of treating doctor
Defendant’s direct examination of defense doctor
Plaintiff’s cross-examination of defense doctor
Plaintiff’s direct examination of physical therapist