NJ Injury Lawyers Assist with Bicycle Accident Claims

Bicycle riding is an economical means for getting to work or running errands and a great method of exercise. Bicyclists must share the road with cars and other motor vehicles, making an accident a fairly common occurrence.

If you suffer an injury in a bicycle accident you may be eligible to seek compensation for your injuries. For example, a NJ injury lawyer may inform you that you will be able to receive reimbursement for your medical expenses. However, you must first prove that the accident was due to another party’s negligence.

A NJ injury lawyer will explain to you that negligence is the failure to use reasonable care. The reasonable care standard compares the driver’s conduct to what an average person would do under the same circumstances. In New Jersey, you must show three things to be able to recover damages under a negligence cause of action.
• First, you must show that the driver who injured you had a duty to exercise reasonable care. This should be easy to establish because every driver on the road has such a duty to other individuals.
• Second, you must establish that the driver failed to fulfill her duty to use reasonable care. Depending on the circumstances of your case, failure to fulfill the duty to use reasonable care can include speeding, distracted driving or failing to yield for bicyclists.
• Finally, to succeed on a negligence claim, you must show that the damages you incur in the accident are a direct result of the driver’s negligence. For example, your injuries and resulting medical expenses must be from injuries you sustained in the accident. Your New Jersey injury attorney can assist you in making these determinations.

Damages Available
Depending on your injury, you may be eligible to receive a variety of damages and compensation. For example, an New Jersey injury attorney may be able to help you gain damages for physical pain and the loss of enjoyment of life, if applicable to your situation. In addition, you may receive reimbursement for your medical expenses, including those you are likely to incur in the future because of your injuries. If you were unable to work for a period of time while recovering from the bicycle accident, you may also be able to seek reimbursement loss of income.

If you are a victim in a bicycle accident, you need an experienced attorney who understands the law. NJ injury lawyer Michael Warshaw of Zager Fuchs, P.C. offers a free consultation to discuss your bicycle accident case. Call today at (732) 747-3700.