Free downloadable e-booklet for Iowa personal injury plaintiffs on looking at your case through the eyes of the jury.

E-Booklet on How Juries Evaluate Personal Injury Cases

This 18-page guide gives you a look inside the minds of personal injury jurors. Based upon the research of professional jury consultants and interviews with hundreds of real and mock jurors, these results will be eye opening.

You will receive dozens of juror “truths” and questions. For example, in auto accidents…

Juror truth

Jurors often punish the party who had the quickest “reflex opportunity” to physically avoid the auto accident. As a group, there typically exists no automatic bias in favor of either driver. The majority of jurors have experienced firsthand the vulnerability that drivers can feel in a collision or near-collision experience. They are more interested in knowing which driver had more power to prevent the collision from occurring.

Juror questions

  1. Were both drivers following the applicable driving laws at the time of the accident?
  2. What types of distractions outside the parties’ respective controls (e.g., weather, sun position) were factors for any of the parties to the collision?
  3. What types of distractions within the parties’ respective controls (e.g., cell phone usage, drugs, mental distractions) were factors for any of the parties to the collision?
  4. Was either driver in a hurry to get somewhere at the time of the accident?
  5. What do the drivers’ prior driving records convey about their transgressions?

This e-booklet will help you see your case as a jury would. That is important, for whether or not your case makes it to a jury, the attorneys on both sides and the insurer paying the defense and settlement bills will evaluate your case with a close eye on what a jury would say about it.

Free bonus: 10 lessons on personal injury law

  1. The insurance adjuster has the power
  2. How adjusters reduce your settlement
  3. Common adjuster ploys
  4. What adjusters look for in your medical records
  5. If the insurer uses Colossus software
  6. The police report
  7. Delaying the defense medical examination
  8. Initial questions about damages
  9. Recoverable expenses and losses
  10. What does your injury attorney do?

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