Car Accidents

Introduction to the law

Elements of the plaintiff’s case
Typical defenses

Initial meeting

Questions about damages
Questions about how the accident happened
Questions in pedestrian cases
Questions in passenger cases
Questions for the driver
Questions about your injuries
Interview Questionnaire
Letter or General Information
Take-Home Instructions

Initial evaluation

How injury lawyers evaluate lawsuits
Lawsuit evaluation checklist
Things for which you are entitled to recover damages
Soft tissue injury evaluation
Factors affecting neck injuries
Liability case illustration
The burden of proof


Lost wages or earnings
Unreported income
Early retirement or sale of a business


Taking photographs of the car accident scene
Getting the police report
Dealing with an unfavorable police report
Emergency room records
Hospital admission record
Photographs of injuries and treatment


Discovery checklist



General deposition questions
“Sudden Stop” question checklist
Questions about statements
Deposing the driver in an auto accident
Questioning the police officer in an auto accident
Questioning a witness of an auto accident
Questions about company control of a driver
Deposing the defendant driver

Plaintiff’s requests for admissions:

Settlement Negotiations

Initial negotiations
Pre-settlement considerations
Case illustration
Special problems


Elements of proof
Opening statement
Using a map of the scene